Fully Guided or Self Guided Tours 

Fully Guided Packaged Tours; We provide a skilled tour guide, along with arranged and confirmed accommodation. Gas and meals stops are organized. Special sights are identified and stops arranged to provide you with the best views and experiences. These tours are all about you. Other than safety guidelines, this is your ride and you're a major part of making it a success.
Self-Guided Package Tours; These are the same as fully guided tours, however you are provided with all the details of the tour, and you then set your own timetable and are free to make your own schedule. Again these tours are all about you; you're a significant part of making this into the trip you wanted.
Use our itineraries that have been fined tuned over time with matching accommodation in great locations.

Packaged and Customized Motorcycle Tours in Western USA, Western Canada & New Zealand.

Providing Serious Rides for Serious Riders
Custom Tours; These are built around your wants, with safety in mind and designed to fit your schedule. Let us know where and when you want to ride. What you want to see or do. Accommodation is prearranged and confirmed. Special events are built into the tour, with the time table set to accommodate your plans.
These can be Fully Guided or Self Guided as you wish.